Manage patient history, demographic information, scheduling, treatment plans, and budgets. Our cloud based solution is available anytime, anywhere from your browser - a completely web solution. All users have their own account and can access from any mobile platform.

  Patient Registration

  Biometric enrollment

  Appointment Scheduling

  Patient Documents management

  Case Management


  Super bill/ Bill

  Professinal/Institutional Billing

  HCFA1500/UB04/ICD 9/10 support

  Graphical Dashboard

  Meaningful Reports

  Integrated with DWC Edex

Empower your patients to improve their health

We understand how to make patient engagement easy. Our cloud-based patient portal enable patients to have a quick and easy access to scheduling, personal health records, care instructions, and many more to empower them to have active participation in their care.

  Empower patients to actively participate in their care.

  Access treatment plans from anywhere.

  Save time and money to reach new patients and automating your administrative tasks.

Patient engagement is a very important component of Meaningful Use.

Professional/Institutional Billing

Professional billing is responsible for the billing of claims generated for work performed by physicians, suppliers and other non-institutional providers for both outpatient and inpatient services. Professional charges are billed on a CMS-1500 form.
Institutional billing is responsible for the billing of claims generated for work performed by hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and other institutions for outpatient and inpatient services including the use of equipment and supplies, laboratory services, radiology services, and other charges. Institutional charges are billed on a UB-04.
Paper billing is not the first choice for billing medical claims but is sometimes a necessary chore. Of course, the electronic claims process is much simpler and faster compared to the manual process of paper billing.